Techno-treasure Hunt

Posted: February 15, 2012 by K in IT Challenge Week

The most exciting challenge of all, treasure hunt! Our team was the first one to successfully completed this challenge and also first one to find the Wal-Es!!

Bronson could not be with us today, and Zara and Kurt had to do the laptops in the morning, so we started off with only 3 members, but after finding a few clues, Zara and Kurt joined us.

the first clue led us to Saniti, it was not very hard to find and also every other group was heading to the same place so was a bit of chaos at first..







Saniti building

the next clue was not hard to find neither.






help desk

We found two codes in the next location







NMIT library 1st floor

But the first code we found in the library did not tell us anything, so we had to keep looking

It actually took as a little while to find the clue, as we were not expecting it to be placed so up high!!!









library 2nd floor

Baden came up with the answer for the next clue straight way, so we were able to quickly head off to the next location.







Prince Albert

What’s good to be Japanese?? We can lead Chinese characters!!!

Other teams seemed to be struggling with the clue, but we figured out the answer straight way!!

And at 623 in the city, we found the Wal-es!!! They told us we were the first team to find them!! Woohoo!!







623 in the city

Then we went to say hello to the head chef Jono =)






623 in the City, Baden with his boss =P


Zara and Kurt joined us just before leaving 623






Noel leaming

We struggled to solve the next clue, but we did eventually find the place






Subway Nelson


We got free vouchers =)

We did find the next place quick enough, but we kinda guessed this one








And this was the hardest clue ever!! We thought we had to go to find somewhere with sport shoes so we walked around everywhere to find the next clue! Took us the most time on this one!!







Spring and Fern

The last clue was very easy, but we struggle to find the code in the supermarket








Anyways, we all had enough walking for the week!!

  1. Clare says:

    Love the use of your mascot on your blog! Getting some bonus points for that from me 🙂

  2. kitatojirin says:

    These photos all make me look fat. Or is it the shirt? Or the fact I’m actually kind of fat..?

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